Control Boards/Avionics

64 Input/Output Board

Dimensions: 356mm (wide) x 279mm (high)

64 Input/Output Board - US$200-00

This USB connected board can accept a combination of 64 switch inputs, outputs or encoders and is connected to the relevant hardware via RJ45 sockets and cables (not supplied).  The board is arranged in blocks of 8 utilising readily available RJ45 plugs and cables. Instructions with full connection details are included. The inputs are designed for pushbuttons and toggle switches (or any combination thereof), and even multi-position switches.  Each bank can be either 8 inputs, 8 outputs or 4 encoders.


The supplied software communicates with FSUIPC and allows the user to configure the functions and then, when the main program is run, any switches and/or encoders will directly control actions within Flight Simulator, and any outputs will receive data from Flight Simulator. The inputs and encoders can be Offsets, Macros, event controls or lua parameters, which is important for 'Add-On' aircraft.


Note - this board is not suitable for controlling annunciator panels because of the voltage demands, so a 64 Outputs board would be required instead.