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Are your panels plug and play?

No. Our backlit panels are not wired, and there is no interface or controller supplied. All of our panels are designed so that cockpit builders can wire them up to their own control systems.

How Do I Arrange Payment?

As far as payment goes, because a lot of our parts are made to order, if there's a delay of more than a couple of weeks we're happy to accept a 50% payment at the time of your order, with the remainder to be paid when the order is ready to be sent. We will send you a PayPal invoice for the full amount, but it will be arranged so only the first 50% is required to paid. The PayPal invoice that we send can be paid in a variety of different ways (bank account, VISA, PayPal, etc.).

What I/O boards do you recommend for use with your products?

Because interfacing solutions are individual to each builder (depending on which parts they already have and their level of knowledge), there is no particular software that we recommend for use with our own products.

What freight company do you use to send the order?

We normally send our orders using a standard tracked courier service via New Zealand Post, and we will provide you with a tracking number. If you would prefer, we can also send the order via DHL Express. This is more expensive, although it is quicker and may be an option for more expensive purchases. Some smaller items can be sent via standard airmail, although the delivery times for this method are often fairly lengthy. We can discuss these options when you place an order.

What voltage do your backlit panels use?

All of our backlighting circuit boards run on +12V.

What colour LEDs are used for the backlighting?

We primariliy use cool white LEDs for all of our panels.  We can, however, use warm white if requested.

Are any additional files required for using Ruscool Software?

The Ruscool software requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to be installed on the computer.  This can be downloaded from here or by searching for the download.  This applies even if you have a later version of the Framework as they are not cumulative updates.