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 Control Boards/Avionics

Intercom Units

Dimensions: mm (wide) x mm (high)

2 x Cockpit Intercom (RAI-2) US$212-00

3 x Cockpit Intercom (RAI-3) US$318-00

A full implementation of this intercom allows the Pilot and First Officer to communicate with each other, and also with an Instructor. A sidetone volume control on the board allows for the setting of how loud you hear yourself speak.

The unit will accept an Electret or a Dynamic microphone and with stereo headphones, will accept stereo input from the PC so that you can hear engine sounds with more realism because sounds are heard coming from the correct direction. (The intercom can be supplied in a mono configuration if desired.)  Inputs allow a Push To Talk button to be used, or a toggle switch will allow an open microphone configuration.

A switch can be used to Enable/Disable the audio going to the PC. Two inputs accept the voice signals from the other pilot (and an instructor if desired).

An output voice signal is available to go to the PC, and an output to stereo headphones is available.  Headphone volume can be adjusted by an off-board potentiometer (47K pot supplied) that would be mounted on one of your simulator panels.

One of these units is required for each user's position. Full connection details and instructions are supplied.


- Electret or Dymamic Microphone
- Stereo headphone amplifiers
- Terminals for Push to talk button, or link for open microphone
- Terminals for Enable/Disable audio to PC with switch or link
- Terminals for stereo input from PC
- Terminals for audio out to other intercoms
- Terminals for audio in from other intercoms
- Terminals for microphone input
- Terminals for headphones
- Preset adjustments for microphone gain, sidetone volume, sounds from PC
- Off board main volume control for mounting on flight simulator panel
- Power required +12Volts DC


Further information can be found in the document below: