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October 2023

New Product added to the King Air B350 section - PL-F Pedestal Assembly.  


This is a set of backlit Panels complete with parts and controllers that was designed to imitate the Pro Line Fusion Console Controls and includes two Cursor Control Panels (CCP), a Multi-Function Keypad Panel (MKP), two BARO Single Knob Panels, and two TILT Single Knob Panels (SKP).  This assembly is sold as an entire module, and includes two controllers (one that's dedicated to the MKP, and another one that handles the CCPs and SKPs). All of the ribbon cables, wires, and connectors are supplied.

February 2023

A General Cutout file for the complete MIP has been added to the Citation Panel Cutouts.  The download can be found here

Changes have been made to the website, to make navigating via mobile devices more user friendly.

June 2022

In order to make them more useful, we now offer a version of our King Air Construction Plans that also include a set of DXF files. If you've purchased these plans from us previously, you may have already rIeceived an email from us with a discounted upgrade offer. If not, please feel free to contact us at for further information.

Due to customer demand, we have now re-added the LCD1000 units to our website. As well as the standard (single) version, we now also offer a dual configuration, which allows two units to be mounted directly alongside one another. More information can be found here

March 2022

Added some additional Panel Shape and Cutout documents for the TBM-900 product range

February 2022

A new version of the ProLine21 Autopilot software is now available.  This allows for customisation to include FS events, macros and/or lua scripts.  The original FSUIPC offset version is unchanged, so the purchaser can request either version of the software.