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My friend and I recently ordered several bespoke Airbus cockpit products for a home simulator we are building. These had never been made before and the guys at Ruscool were only too happy to help us through the process. Their customer service and guidance is second to none. They kept us informed at every stage of the build, and we were very comfortable with the whole process. The products arrived exactly as we expected. They are of great quality and design, and we look forward to building the sim. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough!
Matt (England) - various custom Airbus parts + Conditional 64 Outputs Board + 64 Inputs Board

The AP is working exactly like it is in the real aircraft. The DF 727 apparently communicates very well with FSUIPC. When I intercept the localiser the HDG switch clicks off as the needle centers. Same thing with the ALT swich as soon as the glide slope centers! FSUIPC offsets for HDG and ALT hold are conditional parameters set in the config program.
I'm extremely happy with how the simulator has turned out! Far beyond my expectations when I first started out. Thanks in a big way to your hardware, software and unsurpassed customer support!
Tor (Norway) - 64 Outputs Board + Operational 727 Radios + custom parts

Our simulator is a wonderful example of attention to detail. Changes that we needed during the production stage were incorporated efficiently. John made sure that our simultaor looks and flies like a real C90 cockpit. The on-going service that we receive is exceptional with support just a phone-call away.
We can program failures and extreme weather making the overall experience more realistic. Students find it challenging but enjoyable to fly.
Michael Bryant, Flight Training Manawatu CEO (New Zealand)

I think that a thousand words wouldn’t be enough to thank you and to describe the quality of the product you give me. You have been so kind during all the process. I can’t wait to wire it up ...
Andrea (Italy) - Full set of ATR panels, buttons, and annuniciators

The card is working very well, thanks for all your help. I think you have a great product. I searched for quite some time for hardware that could drive Korrys and yours is an excellent easy-to-use solution. Saved us a whole lot of messing!
Darrin (Great Britain) - 64 Outputs Board

Pleasure doing business with you. Good to see guys like you around.
Neil (New Zealand) - Custom panels and annunciator circuitry for LN27 Furio RG

I have been dealing with John at Ruscool for almost three years now and, let me tell you, the quality of their workmanship is second to none. They are always there and ready to go the extra mile to make sure that what they are creating is of the highest quality. Ruscool allowed me to build my King Air 200 Simulator to a quality level that I could only dream of. Whether it's something straight out of their product line, or something a little more exotic, be assured that Ruscool has the team to help you bring your simulation dream to life. Thanks to John and the team at Ruscool : )
Robert (New Zealand) - King Air 200 Simulator

In 1997 I became the owner of the best hardware interface around for flight simulation. EPIC was a highly-programmable and configurable interface for building high-end flight simulators. Thirteen years later I found myself still writing source code for my platform. Indeed it was high time to start looking at alternative interfaces if I was ever going to fly seriously.
A friend of mine introduced me to the Ruscool line of products and I decided to give it a try. After installing the new interface cards I was fully operational in about a day. (By comparison, it took me 2 months just to get a single switch to work with that 'other' interface)
The software interface is easy, straightforward and very flexible. Configuration changes can literally be made on-the-fly. Working with the Ruscool staff is a pleasant experience and they are very responsive to my questions and even my suggestions.
If you're on the fence about which interface to use in your project, go with Ruscool. Simple, easy to install, flexible...  And it works. I'm very happy with my decision.
Ray (United States of America)- 64 Input Board and 64 Output Board